QuickLauncher is a revolutionary launcher for your device, it automatically learns what are your most used apps, and shows you a SpringBoard-like view of them, accessible from anywhere via a selected shortcut.
A launcher which can be be activated from anywhere (not in lockscreen for now).
Automatically learns what your most used apps are and sorts the list accordingly.
SpringBoard style layout allows you to easily see information like badges and backgrounder status.
A configurable shortcut on how to start the launcher.
Easy to use, no configuration needed.
Launch your most used apps from any other app without going through SpringBoard itself.
This program has no icon or settings, simply assign a shortcut to activate it via the settings app (using activator). The default shortcut is double tap on status bar.
SpringSorter, sort your SpringBoard icons according to usage.
SBSchedule, create SBSetting toggle group profiles and schedule when to use them.
SnapTap, take pictures using your volume and wired headset buttons from lots of camera apps.
MultiExchange, add multiple exchange accounts with ease.
SpringSorter has been tested to work on all devices running firmware 3.0 till 3.1.3. iPad (3.2) isn't currently supported.
1.1 - Added layout improvent with other apps like IconClasm.
1.0 - Initial Release.