Create profile groups of various settings, manage your device brightness, volume, ringtone, phone, 3G, location, ssh, bluetooth and much more...

Setup your profile groups to launch at specific times or quickly via a shortcut from any app.
Turn off battery hogging features like 3G/Bluetooth/GPS/Push Notifications at night when going to sleep, and turn some of them on automatically when you wake up.
Turn your iPod music player into an alarm clock by setting an ipod music toggle to start at a given time in the morning.
Mute your phone automatically only at night times or at specific times.
Set your screen brightness to different values at morning, afternoon and night.
Install "iPod Widget" to add alarm clock functionality with your iPod music.
Make multiple profile groups from any toggle you have in SBSettings.
Extend SBSetting toggle functionality by downloading more features: Push Mail, Push Notification, Silent ringer and more...
Change your display's brightness setting.
Change your system and ringtone volume setting.
Quick access to your profile group list from any app via a shortcut.
Trigger profile groups at predefined times.
A group can enable some features and disable others.
Syncs with SBSettings main interface.
Click here for an youtube review of some of this app use cases.
SnapTap, take pictures using your volume and wired headset buttons from lots of camera apps.
SpringSorter, sort your SpringBoard icons according to usage.
MultiExchange, add multiple exchange accounts with ease.
SBSchedule has been tested to work on all devices running firmware 3.0 till 4.3.3, including iPad!
1.2.4a - Bug Fix.
1.2.3 - Readded ringtone volume controls, clearer control text.
1.2 - Volume support.
1.1 - Added iOS 4.0 support.
1.0 - Initial Release.