The original app to take pictures and videos using the iPhone's volume controls and wired headset buttons.

SnapTap gives you extra options for taking pictures beyond small and annoying touch buttons. Compatible with some camera-enabled applications.
Take photos easily by using the iPhone's volume controls and the wired headset button.
Capture videos with the built-in camera app (3GS+) or with Cycorder on older phones.
Mute the shutter sound while taking pictures.
Finally take self-portrait pictures without figuring out where to press.
Tested with the built-in camera application, works with some others as well.
Use your headphones (wired headset) for taking pictures and videos as well.
Normal iPhone usage when not taking pictures/videos.
SnapTap has been tested to work on all camera enabled devices running firmware 3.0 till 4.3.3
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