Homework list - FAQ

For all the issues, listed here, you can contact me with ideas for FAQs, or for assitence with using the system.


1. Do I need to enter all the homework information each time a new submission arrives?
No. If you've entered a homework once, and you've recived new homework in the subject, simply click on "update" on the previous submission, change the relevent fields (homework number, url, etc..) and click on "copy" instead of "update", will add a new entry with the new submission.

2. What are the required fields when adding a new entry?
Basically, you are only required to enter the date (without time, in DD/MM/YYYY format). The subject of the submission and it's number.

3. What is the URL option when adding a new entry?
When entrying a new submission, you can additionaly enter the URL (the address, like http://webcourse.cs.technion.ac.il/234421/), of the course and of the specific homework. This way, when showing the homework list, you can directly click on the course/homework, and go directly to it's site.

4. What languages are currently supported?
Currently the system works with the english and hebrew languages, if you've seen a mistake, please conatct me. Also if you would like to contribute an translation to another language, you are more than welcome to contact me.


1. Why do I keep seeing a blank page every time I navigate the site?
Currently, I have seen this problem only in a few computers in the farm, I am still investigating this issue, you can press f5 temporary in order to continue to the next screen.

2. I have a problem....
If you have a specific issue or problem that isn't written here, you are more than welcome to contact me, and i'll try to address it.

Administrative Issues

1. I've forgotten my password.
Please contact me with your account information, and i'll try to help you out. In the future, i'll add an option to make this, and other issues automatically.

2. I want to change my password.
Please see the answer to question 1.

3. I want to completely delete my account.
Please see the answer to question 1.

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