Description (Ignore the fact that I wrote this site via ssh using nano on a remote server in 5 minutes :) )
iOSTracker.Net displays the recorded location information from your iOS version 4.X Devices Backups on your computer that were done by iTunes.
This program is inspired by iPhoneTracker for Mac OS X and uses OpenHeatMap for displaying the locations on the OpenStreetMap infastructure.
iOSTracker.Net was coded by Tom Zickel (@icebreak).
No location information is recorded by the app itself, nor is it transmitted anywhere, the map downloads locally OSM map tiles and 2 JavaScript scripts and a Flash applet.

Download iOSTracker.NET (Requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 2 or above)

v1.0 - Initial release.
v1.1 - Fixed the CSV Export issue, and the empty map for dutch users (and any other country that uses , as a decimal number sepeartor).

Cell size: X meters will group together all the locations which fall on a grid of X meters (default = 1 k"m).
Show Wifi as well, will show both Cellular position fix, and WiFi hotspot position fix.
Show locations per day, will show a time slider in the bottom of the map which you can move to see locations per day.
Map controls:
Scroll = Move the mouse while clicking the left button.
Zoom / Unzoom = Move the Slider itself, don't click the +/-. Double click, Zooms as well.
Time movement = Move the botton slider. Press Play to make it automatic.

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