Tom Zickel - תום ציקל

About me

Welcome to my site, my name is Tom Zickel and I'm a computer programmer. I have an Computer Science degree from the Technion institute.

While the site isn't updated on a regular basis, it hosts a selection of projects I did over the years. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


A project that shows you where your iOS Device has been from reading the iTunes device backup on your computer.

Parrot AR Drone + Xbox Kinect integration

Check out this video of a project I did for a presentation at a conference. I've integrated controlling an AR Drone using body movement with the Xbox Kinect.

iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) development

I've spent some time going over the iOS guts and written quite a few helper apps to make the device experience even more enjoyable.

You can find out some of the stuff i've written for the OS here.


A Quality and free support for Hebrew for all iPod Touch and iPhone devices being sold. Installs both on 2.x and 3.x Operating Systems.

You can check the program out in hebrew or in english.

Mouse Trap

A small utility I wrote when I started to work with a dual-monitor setup (which is always better :) ), and had issues withe the mouse cursor when moving between the monitors. This project was written in .NET (and needs it to work).

You can check the util out here.

Salat Otiot (means "Letter Salad" in hebrew)

A small project I did in order to learn about web technologies including AJAX, PHP, JavaScript. I think it turned out to be a very good learning project, being fun and interactive as well. It's features include:

  • Change the letter to any other language / pictures without touching the code.
  • Seperate rooms (the number of them can be set on the fly) with limits on how many players per room.
  • Works on all major browsers, without requiring anything else (like FLASH, etc...).
  • Ability to save screenshots (with flood limiting) of your work.
You can play the game here.

Convert almost any movie file to .mp4

This is a quick guide i've written for one of the best open-source programs out there (VLC media player), which explains how to convert almost any movie type to .mp4 for using in your mobile device (cellphone/ipod/etc..).

You can check out the guide here.

HWzone Forums Extension

Again, another learning project I did, about web technologies, this time from a client-side perspective, mainly focusing on augmenting existing online pages, in order to make a more productive browsing experience. With this project i've learnt mostly JavaScript, and Greasemonkey. I do believe this extension is pretty uniuqe in both the idea and it's design.

You can read more about this in it's project page (which is currently in hebrew) here.

Ynet Helper

This currently is a FireFox extention which i'm offering as a matter of public-service. Based on a few greasemonkey scripts, this extention was made to make the browsing at Ynet easier for people using FireFox.

You can read more about this in it's project page (which is currently in hebrew) here.

Homework List

This is a nice pratical project which allows students to easily keep a list of homework to be submitted, with a clean interface, and a nice sorted list.

You can read more about this in it's project page here. Or try the multi-language version here.


This project is an online multiplayer version of the Tic-Tac-Toe game, where you can play against your friends or other people from the net. It keeps a score and record of all the games you've played.

One of my first learning project for web development, including using PHP, Flat File DB, MYSQL, JavaScript, Browser compability, amonst other things.

You can read more about this in it's project page here.

Message Wall

Largely this is a simple concept of an anonymous message wall, where anybody can post anything they like. The messages are being moderated on the site, via other people's voting on them, and appear randomally.

You can read more about this in it's project page (which is currently in hebrew) here.

Other Projects

Over the years I have made other projects as well (including in other fields). I might be adding them or write short things about them here.

My account of helping to fix a big bug on the trillian program.