What is it ?

I've just recently moved to a Dual Monitor setup on windows, and I always had a problem with moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the monitors (it always skipped to the next screen when I wanted to go to the edge of the current one).

So after a few minutes of getting annoyed by this issue, I simply went on to do abit of reading, and writing this small utility which takes care of the issue, and decided to release it for anybody who has the same problem.

Because this is a usability issue, and everybody is diffrent, I tried to add a few options for you to try out, and see how well it works for you.

How do I install it ?

There is nothing to install, just put the MouseTrap.exe (New version 0.1.2) somewhere, and run it (it will save your configuration for the program in a file called MouseTrap.dat in the same directory.

Notice: You need to have the Microsoft .NET 2 Framework installed in your computer for this program to work!

How do I use it ?

Using this program is very easy, simply run the MouseTrap.exe file and an icon on your traybar will appear. Then, simply try moving your mouse pointer between the monitors at varying speeds, and see how it goes for you.

You can easily enable / disable this program operation with double clicking on the program icon in the taskbar.

By right-clicking on the icon, you can go to the configuration dialog box, and change the way the mouse passing works, for example you can make it stuck at the edge of the monitor for less/more time, or change the speed at which it gets stuck, or inverse the way it works. Simply try it out.

New addition in 0.1.2 allows you to decide when you want the mouse stickiness to go into effect. The default behaviour is like before, but now, you can decide for example that you only want the mouse to stick when going from the current (any) monitor to the right one near it, so simply un-click all the other directions and see what happens (check the screenshot below in the bottom part).


Since this is a very basic utility, there isn't much to show around, besides the traybar icon, you have the about box (which you can check in the program), and the configuration:

How do I remove it ?

Just delete the MouseTrap.exe and MouseTrap.dat files, and you are done.


Since I just released it, the current version is 0.1.2, I'll update here when and if I release new versions (including changelog).

MouseTrap.exe version 0.1.2
- Added an option to change the stickiness depending on your movement (explanation above).

MouseTrap.0.1.exe version 0.1
- First Release

Bugs & Comments ?

I am currently unaware of any bugs, but i'll be glad if you will contact me (change the email with @ in the middle) with anything your find, or with suggestions, ideas or anything else on your mind.

You can also leave a message for me regarding this program here on my YShout.

My page & Contact me

Feel free to check out my main page where you can get some general information about me and a few of the other things I did.

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