What is it ?

SplitMonitor allows you to select any running application and make sure it will be always be on screen without other windows stepping over it. This is better then just making the window "always on top" since it automatically takes care that no other application will be hidden by it.

I've made this utility since I moved to a wide screen monitor, and seen that there are lots of times I have allot of unused screen space and thought about making better use of it. This program can be usefull if you have a big monitor, or a small application that you want always in the side of your screen, virtually "splitting" your monitor.

How do I use it ?

Just run the program, and an icon () will appear on your task bar. Select on of your running applications, and resize the window to how much you want it to take, then simply click Ctrl-F1 on your keyboard, this will trigger the program and make the application stick to the side of your screen. Click Ctrl-F1 again to restore everything as it was.

How do I install it ?

Currently, this program has no installation. just download the program (SplitMonitor.exe) and put it somewhere in your computer, and run it. I've tested it on an Windows XP machine, but It should work on Windows 2000 and maybe even Vista, it requires no other program to run.


Since this is a very basic utility, there isn't much to show around, besides the traybar icon, you have the about box (which you can check in the program) here is how it looks (click to enlarge):


This is the first public release, version 0.1.

Bugs & Comments ?

This program is currently on it's first release and might miss-behave, if you find anything annoying, please contact me (change the email with @ in the middle) with anything your find, or with suggestions, ideas or anything else on your mind.

My page & Contact me

Feel free to check out my main page where you can get some general information about me and a few of the other things I did.


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